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NEW as of April 24, 2015: Appeared as Mr. Crabtree in the Scuttlemagoon Players production of William Wilson's new adaptation of Sheridan's School For Scandal





NEW as of 
February 6, 2015:  Appeared in the GRIMM episode "Maréchaussée" (Season 4, Episode 12) in which the night manager of the Viking Motel turned out to manage other NoPo commercial property -- and found some dead tenants

NEW as of March 7, 2014:  Appeared in the GRIMM episode "Mommy Dearest" as the night manager of the Viking Motel

NEW as of May, 2013:  I appeared in WellArts showcase.

NEW as of April 28, 2013:  We reprised "A Small Fire" in the Springwater Grange Hall in Estacada. 

NEW as of April 14, 2013: 
I appeared as John Bridges in a staged reading of this play, which the New York Times 
described as “raucous, funny and unexpectedly touching.” Cyndy Smith-English (pictured) played my wife Emily, who falls victim to a mysterious disease that strips away her senses of smell, taste, hearing and sight. She resolves to remain engaged, relying on her husband, whose devotion she has taken for granted. Michael Mitchell (also pictured) played Billy Fontaine, foreman of the construction firm Emily owns, and Jennifer Whitten played Jenny, John and Emily’s adult daughter, who is planning her weddingA Small Fire by Adam Bock was directed by David Smith-English. 

NEW as of March 15, 2013:  I appeared in tonight's episode of NBC's GRIMM as one of a group of anxious Wesen crowding into the spice shop to seek Monroe and Rosalee's help in a community crisis.

NEW as of January 25, 2013:  We opened "Ribbons of War," a new musical (in which I play Alfred, mess cook on the good ship Valiant) at Shaking the Tree Studio, as part of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance's Fertile Ground 2013, a 10-day long city-wide festival of new works running from January 24th through February 3rd. This rehearsal sketch of me is one of a number drawn by Damien Lopez, and posted on his blog

NEW as of July 19, 2012:  "The Prosecution of Judge Waite," an Internet video project in support of, is now on YouTube:

NEW as of March 9, 2012:  We wrapped shooting at CCTV in Salem on "The Prosecution of Judge Waite."

NEW as of December 13, 2011:  I participated in Deck the Halls - A Special Edition Evening Grown-Up Storytime at the Salem Public Library, reading "A Visit from Uncle Charles" by Erik Buchanan. a nod to the British/Canadian tradition of the literary Christmas ghost story, as practiced by Dickens and Robertson Davies. 

NEW as of June 18, 2011:  I participated in the first annual Gay Pride Reading Festival presented by Fuse Theatre Ensemble in areading of Terrance McNally's Love! Valour! Compassion! The cast included (left to right, back to front): director Rusty Tennant as Perry, Paul Aponte as Arthur, myself as Buzz, Terry Milner as John & James, Gavin Knittle as Bobby, Andrew Bray as Gregory, Kate Mura (Rusty's Co-Artistic Director of FTE) reading stage directions, and Nikolas Hoback as Ramon.

NEW as of February 12, 2011:  I participated in Love Stories - A Special Edition Grown-Up Storytime at the Salem Public Library, reading "The Man Upstairs" by P.G. Wodehouse.

NEW as of December 15, 2010:  I participated in Christmas Sweets - A Special Edition Evening Grown-Up Storytime at the Salem Public Library, reading "The Tailor of Gloucester" by Beatrix Potter

NEW as of July 21, 2010: I had a short piece about actor Victor Jory published in the film notes for this evening's showing of The Miracle Worker (1962) in the Classic Film series at the Historic Elsinore Theatre in Salem..

NEW as of June 21, 2010: I began rehearsals for KISS ME KATE at the Oregon Festival of American Music presented by the John G. Shedd Institute in Eugene, Oregon. I was playing Harry Trevor/"Baptista," and got to display my acting, singing and dancing (yes, dancing!) skills. We opened Friday, July 30, and closed Friday, August 6.

NEW as of August 8-10, 2008: I appeared in BLUE ELECTRIC STORM, a retrospective reading of new works developed over the last three years by Bluestockings' Portland Dramatists Workshop, reprising "The Bathhouse" from July's UBU LIVES! and playing Adam, a gay father perplexed by a recently “born-again” adult child (in Mark Alan Brown’s A Fountain Filled With Blood), and Father Fitzgerald, an irascible yet loveable ethnic stereotype (in Sharon Sassone‘s Poor Mickey Spencer's Daughter Ordeal)

NEW as of July 5, 2008: I appeared in the final FINAL performance of the End of the Pavement Micro New Works Festival produced by playwright Steve Patterson at the Back Door Theatre, Portland, OR — UBU LIVES!, an anthology of new pieces inspired by proto-dadaist Alfred Jarry and his monstrous creation. I had roles in two readings directed by Sharon Sassone: a moribund hedonist (in Annette Lee's "The Bathhouse") and a regicidal worker bee (in Tom Sime's "Queen Bee Syndrome")

NEW as of April 19, 2008: KNOCK KNOCK — a short low budget SAG Indie agreement project shot during the summer of 2007 in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon, in which I play the role of “Bill” (described in the film synopsis posted on the Salem Film Festival Website as a “henpecked husband”) — was shown on this date as one of seven short films in the NW Emerging Artist Competition.

NEW as of December 15, 2007: This date was the invitational premiere screening of KNOCK KNOCK at the Living Room Theaters in Portland. The plan is to enter the now completed film in festivals. It is a fine strange little script written and directed by Cime Bruce, with a strong ensemble cast, and produced byFINAO Productions, LLC —

NEW as of March 20, 2007: I organized, directed and participated as a reader in Salem, Oregon's entry in a world wide reading of What I Heard About Iraq, adapted for the stage, from Eliot Weinberger's world-renowned article/prose poem, by Simon Levy, artistic director of the Fountain Theatre in LA. Thanks to First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ (now retired senior pastor Rev. Gail McDougle, interim associate pastor Rev. Jeff Barton, and office manager Annemieke Laport) for providing space and support. .

NEW as of June, 2006: For one night only, on Monday June 5, I had the great pleasure of appearing as Chrysale in the fifth annual (and possibly quite unique) Anonymous Theatre production of Moliere’sThe Learned Ladies at the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center in Portland, OR — a dozen other actors and I met one another for the first time in front of a live paying audience as we kept the action going and the delightful verse translation by Richard Wilbur flowing around the delighted shock and surprise as each new player was revealed. We got a writeup by Inara Verzemnieks in that Friday’s Oregonian: “ Secret casting adds sense of mystery.”

NEW as of January, 2006: I appeared as Lady Bracknell in Patrick Spike’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest at the New Blue Parrot Theatre in Washougal, WA.


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