Kevin Newland Scott

Such a character (actor)!

Such a character (actor)!


My name is Kevin Newland Scott,
(at least as far as Screen Actors Guild is concerned —
other SAG-AFTRA members having gotten first dibs
on other variants of my name,
I was forced to make myself eligible for citizenship
in Gilbert Gottfried’s Land of the Three-Named People)
and I am, among other things,
an actor who has worked professionally
in a variety of styles and media,
and a theatre director.

I have also served on the editorial staff of
Simplicity Today
/Simplicity Pattern Co.,
and worked as a paralegal for Wendell Wilkie’s old law firm.

NEW as of April 8, 2017:   Appeared as Mr. Praed in a Portland State University graduate thesis production of George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession:

This video includes scenes from the 2007 indie short Knock Knock:


Some of the links below may not work -- the site where many linked pages were formerly posted has been taken down, and I have not yet reposted the material -- contact me (email at bottom of page) if you want more information about something that is not available.

I have my Acting Résumé posted online in .PDF format ("Performance" under "Resumes"), as well as some complimentary comments on my performance in Dishin’ With Divine.

 My Internet Movie Database page:

I had an article published in the Summer 1999 issue of the Educational Theatre Association quarterly Teaching Theatre, (Volume 10, Number 4) under the title “Who owns the rights?: Copyright, the law and licensing the show” — it was available online as published, archived in PDF form on the EdTA Website at, but apparently now has either been taken down or is available for view only by EdTA members.

Article about my daughter Ellie(seen on the right in 2006 when she was a violinist in South Salem High's orchestra),who was an eighth-grader in 2002, “decr[ying the] marking out of Epic Of Gilgamesh



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